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Navigating through technical business development process and unlocking financial resources that seem out of reach.

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Stonerock Business Solutions is for business owners who are searching for technical resources. We provide strategic solutions and grant writing expertise to access government, non-profit, and foundation funding. We help you navigate technical business processes to unlock financial opportunities and programs that seem out of reach. Unlike our competitors, we offer full service business strategies.

Working with Stonerock Business Solutions gave me new insights into the world of grants. They were fast, informative, professional, and I was very happy with the work product. Karen

Stonerock Business Solutions has been awarded the Silver honor by The Stevie® Awards in The 22nd Annual American Business Awards®! We were recognized in the Startup of the Year - Business Services Industries category.

"Stonerock Business Solutions (SBS) showcases remarkable growth and commitment to excellence. With over $42,450,000 in funding submissions and the completion of 240 projects for 64 clients since its establishment in 2021, SBS has empowered businesses and nonprofits, catalyzed growth, and secured funding opportunities which reflects a deep understanding of industry nuances. Well done on your achievements and for an impressive revenue growth of over 9,000%.

Stonerock Business Solutions has done a great job at being obtain funds/grants for developments and non-profits. Although her success rate is impressive, it makes it difficult to justify the title of “startup of the year”. The statistic of a 9,155.75% increase in revenue while monumental, lacks value from a short timeframe perspective. As financial services and fund procurement companies are of abundance, Stonerock is one of many companies in the financial services industry that provide similar efforts.

Stonerock Business Solutions (SBS) helps businesses and non-profits achieve their funding and sustainability goals through grants, RFPs, contract procurement, strategic planning, and fund development."