Celebrating Victory: Stonerock Business Solutions Wins Stevie Award for Start-up of the Year in the Business Services Category.

June 2024 / Anastasiia skurtul

We are thrilled to announce that Stonerock Business Solutions (SBS) has won the prestigious Stevie Award for Start-up of the Year in the Business Services category! This incredible honor underscores our unwavering commitment to empowering nonprofits and small businesses through innovative, customized consultative solutions, including advanced grant writing services and the latest in AI technology.

Impressive Achievements in a Short Timeframe

Since our establishment in 2021, SBS has delivered remarkable results, securing over $42,450,000 in funding for more than 240 projects across 64 clients. Our commitment to excellence has catalyzed growth and unlocked funding opportunities, showcasing our deep understanding of industry nuances. These accomplishments are underpinned by our ability to produce both quantitative and qualitative evidence of successful outcomes for our clients.

Empowering Nonprofits and Small Businesses

Our mission is to support businesses and nonprofits in achieving their funding and sustainability goals. Through strategic partnerships and tailored services, we help our clients navigate the complexities of funding, enabling them to grow and thrive. Our services include:

  • Business Consulting: Crafting strategic roadmaps for business growth.
  • Grant Writing Services: Securing funding opportunities aligned with our clients' missions and visions.
  • Grant Writing Courses: Providing knowledge and skills to both novice and experienced grant writers.
  • Non-Profit Consulting: Amplifying impact in the non-profit sector.
  • Budgeting: Ensuring projects are financially sound.
  • Strategic Planning: Developing comprehensive funding strategies.
  • Small Biz Development: Offering fund development, fiscal sponsorship, and process optimization.
  • Project Management: Expertly managing and implementing grants, new businesses, and government contracts.
  • Board Development: Training, bylaw adjustments, recruitment, and onboarding of new board members.
  • Fund Development: Maximizing funding potential.
  • Business Consultancy & Social Media Management: Elevating online presence for nonprofits.

A Remarkable Victory

Winning the Stevie Award for Start-up of the Year highlights SBS's impressive revenue growth of over 9,000%, a testament to our strategic approach and the effectiveness of our solutions. While our short timeframe of operation might challenge the title for some, the substantial impact and rapid growth we've achieved are undeniable. Our submission has been praised for its clarity, thoughtful presentation, and valuable insights into our success.

Looking Ahead

As we continue to grow, our focus remains on delivering unparalleled service and innovative solutions to our clients. The integration of AI technologies and a clear focus on targeted business solutions position us for promising future prospects. Our growth in client base and funding applications over just 2.5 years is a reflection of the service level and value proposition we offer.

We are proud of our achievements and the positive impact we have made in such a short span. This Stevie Award is not just a recognition of our past efforts but a motivator to continue striving for excellence and making a difference for our clients.

Thank you for your support, and here's to a future filled with growth, innovation, and success!